“Designing” a Chapter badge

I’m not sure why I thought this would be easy, but it certainly isn’t.

I wanted the logo for the Void Reavers to be rough around the edges and simple, but I’ve really struggled to tie the design in with the actual model.


The image above shows the logo that I’ve got so far and I’m happy with the “thrown on” look, but I feel like it contrasts too much with the rest of the model. Adding some red to the design may help to resolve this and it might be a case of adding some glowing red eyes!

Which leads me to my next issue…..painting the logo potentially hundreds of times. I’d be kidding myself if I thought I’d be able to get them the same each time, so I’ve allowed room for error by not wanting them to be entirely uniform across each model.


My excuse is that I want it to look like the badges have been drawn on so they wouldn’t be perfect.

As well as the chapter badge I think I’ll also be putting lots of script on to the armour, as that’s something I think looks excellent and really adds to the models. When I painted my Word Bearers it was something I really enjoyed doing and really gave each model a sense of character/personality.


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