Limited Hobby Time

So, it turns out that having a baby limits the time that you can spend on your hobbies. Who’d have thought it?!

I’ve not really been able to get a lot done recently but as we’ll be moving house soon I felt that it was a good “target” to have all my outstanding models painted by the middle/end of May. A pretty fair target, though when you can only get 4 or 5 hours total hobby in a week, it doesn’t go far!

This also led me to change the way that I think about painting my models. In the past, I’ve tried to paint every model to the best standard that I can, as I’m sure most other people do, however, I’ve started to realise that, for me at least, this isn’t necessary. Take Poxwalkers for example; why exactly would I need to spend a long time painting something that’s going to get shot to bits early in a game/is a disposable unit – a classic meatshield?


Ready to spread the love of Grandfather Nurgle


Take the guy above who was built and painted in probably about 40 minutes. Granted, the base and the arm needs painting but everything else is OK. Yeah, it won’t win any awards but I’d be kidding myself if I thought I could paint one that could, plus I genuinely don’t feel like spending an extra couple of hours highlighting etc. would actually improve the model that much.

The quote “quantity has a quality all of its own” is my new mantra when it comes to painting units like this. A shambling horde of “OK” painted Poxwalkers WILL look decent on a good gaming surface (at least from 2 feet away!).


Cadian infantry Sergeant with Forgeworld respirator upgrade


I’m taking a similar approach to the Cadian squad I’m currently working on alongside the Poxwalkers. I’d normally part build them, then paint them so I can get all the detail but with these, I thought “why bother?” You can’t even see a lot of the detail when they’re fully built anyway so that’s now classed as a waste of time in my eyes. I might do some edge highlighting on the obvious elements e.g. the lasgun, but other than that it’s going to be nothing fancy. I think I will throw some weathering powder on the boots etc. when they’re finished, just to try and tie everything together.



Lens FX

I like taking photos of my models, it’s fun and it’s good to show off work that you’re (rightly or wrongly) proud of!

Lens FX makes this even more fun as you can add effects to an image which really brings it to life.


For example, the image above is a picture that’s had nothing done to it, and it looks fine.

Playing with Lens FX for five minutes turns the above into the following….


I can imagine that its either a “love it or hate it” situation but I love it. It gives the model more life and adds more areas of interest, in quite a subtle way. I particularly like the power sword and think it looks awesome. 

Here are some more examples of edited images using Lens FX.



“Designing” a Chapter badge

I’m not sure why I thought this would be easy, but it certainly isn’t.

I wanted the logo for the Void Reavers to be rough around the edges and simple, but I’ve really struggled to tie the design in with the actual model.


The image above shows the logo that I’ve got so far and I’m happy with the “thrown on” look, but I feel like it contrasts too much with the rest of the model. Adding some red to the design may help to resolve this and it might be a case of adding some glowing red eyes!

Which leads me to my next issue…..painting the logo potentially hundreds of times. I’d be kidding myself if I thought I’d be able to get them the same each time, so I’ve allowed room for error by not wanting them to be entirely uniform across each model.


My excuse is that I want it to look like the badges have been drawn on so they wouldn’t be perfect.

As well as the chapter badge I think I’ll also be putting lots of script on to the armour, as that’s something I think looks excellent and really adds to the models. When I painted my Word Bearers it was something I really enjoyed doing and really gave each model a sense of character/personality.

Shadespire: Iron Skullz Boys

Just a quick WIP update on some shadespire!

Really enjoying painting these guys, well, all the shadespire models in general! They’ve all got so much character which really gives them individuality, something which isn’t common for rank and file 40k models!

Need to do some edge highlights on the yellow and go around the metallics with some nuln oil again as I went a bit heavy with the drybrush….

New Captain WIP

I recently sold my primaris marines from the Dark Imperium set as I wanted to focus on my new chapter, the Void Reavers, however I needed a captain and I really enjoyed painting the Captain in Gravis armour that came in the set.

They’re going for absolute Buttons on eBay so I picked one up for £5 and got cracking.

I decided to spend a bit more time on his paint job as he’s a character and should be able to hang on for a while, so he might as well look nice doing it!

I did a basic pre highlight using black and grey vallejo primer and the end effect was pretty good when the red went on to tie it together.

Once I applied Carroburg Crimson the blend was much more subtle and I’m really happy with how the armour has come out.

I’ll be spending time edge highlighting this one, again, as a Captain I think he’s worth it!

From a “fluff” point of view he’s called Balon Leviticus and he’s the first Captain of the Void Reavers and like the rest of his men, he’s eager to spill blood in the name of the Emperor to prove the worth of this new Chapter.

Custom Chapter: Void Reavers

I recently got bored of painting Ultramarines (in other words, painting blue) and decided to try something different.

I’ve always liked the idea of a custom chapter but never really knew where to start, a large part of this being due to the existing lore being so fleshed out and established, so when the Primaris marines “came out” it was a great opportunity to start from scratch and not have to worry about contradicting the current story.


Choosing the colour for the new chapter was easy, as I’ve always like painting red for some reason and the new Primaris sculpts really make it easy to personalise the models, so the decision was made: Red Armour with the left arm being Ivory/Bone for some contrast/interest.

The first test model for the Void Reavers in process

I was really happy with how the first test model came out so there were no changes to make and I could start putting together ideas for the chapter insignia and other markings.

The chapter logo was the hardest element to work out, as you have to be very careful not to overcomplicate it as you may have to freehand it 100s of time if the chapter keeps growing! I settled on the following and think it’s basic enough to be easy to paint but also suits the rest of the model. There’s very little meaning to any of it, the skull is grimdark, there’s a bit of blood to make it stand out a bit and the circle is…..a circle (though having painted a few now I wish I’d have gone for a square!).


This chapter consists of Primaris Marines that are straight off Cawl’s production lines and as such have had no combat experience. Complete noobs.

I think that I’ll use this as part of their “Chapter DNA” in that they’re desperate to prove themselves to their existing brothers and as a result, they fight hard to the point of recklessness in order to earn respect for the chapter.


++++ Void Reavers Chapter created as part of the Ultima founding ++++

++++ Heavily reliant on Infantry with minimal armoured/vehicle support. Intention to resupply with

        heavier battle materials if field performance demands it ++++

++++ Dispatched to Schindelgheist on the outskirts of the Charadon Sector to begin search and destroy operations against any Xenos in the sector++++

The Void Reavers have been tasked with patrolling a sector and establish an Imperial presence to prevent any incursions from the enemies of mankind in answer to the appearance of the Great Rift.

In a nutshell, go here and kill everything that’s Xenos or isn’t loyal to the emperor.

I also felt that I didn’t want them to be a fully fleshed out chapter, which being newly founded they wouldn’t be. For me, dreadnoughts and the like are something which comes after time for a chapter; the phrase “privilege not a right” comes to mind. I like to think that as and when I get some games in with them some marines will die in glorious, heroic fashion and I can then transfer them into a dreadnought to continue the fight. A little bit more fluffy than a newly founded chapter having loads of veterans entombed inside a walking tank.

As a result, the chapter will be heavily reliant on infantry, specifically “hot” weapons like flamers, plasma and melta. Intercessors will be a mainstay as well, but the focus will definitely be on purging heretics and the like, in the face, with plasma.

I’ve also got a combat squad of Reivers that will slot in to support the bulk of the army by sneaking, stabbing and confusing while the other guys bring up their face-melting equipment.

So, without further ado here is the first (almost) completed combat squad of Hellblasters for the first, christened “Bright Lance.”

Guilliman WIP

Really enjoying doing this model, which is surprising as I didn’t like it at all when I first saw it!

I’m still quite a long way off finishing it but the basic colours are all down and it’s just a case of deciding how much time to give to highlighting etc. I think with models like this it’s worth spending the extra time, especially given that his armour is essentially brand new so would be absolutely pristine!